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Since the founding of McGill Explorations Camp in 1984, much has changed in regards to the technical support of many of our Activities. Certainly we remember well (or not) the fluid offset printing press, the photocopied notes and diagrams, early Texas Instruments and Atari personal computers, and telephone modems (the ones where you actually placed the phone receiver in a rubberized cradle) that allowed for a very limited connection to what we use to reverently call the world wide web.

Technology has rapidly evolved since our early camp days. Laptops, iPads, digital scientific sensors and sophisticated robotics equipment have become ubiquitous throughout our programs. In this regard, the camp has made some important investments in equipment during the past 14 months including:

  • Laptops for 3D Game Development
  • 6th Generation iPads
  • Sphero, Ozobot and Ollie Robotic Kits
  • Canon DSLRs with rigs and tripods for Video Production

Needless to say, these important and strategic purchases have allowed our Activity leaders to “up their game”. At our most recent July 13th open house, camper parents were most impressed by whirling robots, stop-motion film shorts, go-pro videos, and our 3D video gaming presentations all of which were made possible because of our acquisition of more sophisticated technology.

However, as exciting as the “next newest” technology might be, we never wander too far away from our founding principles of discovery through creative collaboration and hands-on discovery.