It’s that time of year where pollen is floating all around us ― our summer snow! 

Did you know that pollen is as diverse as the species that produce it? The only reason we can see them with the naked eye is because they are often found en masse. They are incredibly diverse in size, shape and texture, and each plant species produces its own unique looking pollen

Continuous Learning

Explorations is expanding our team and developing a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board. Exploration is a diverse, dynamic and vibrant community and it is vital that we reflect all our explorers: from our learners, parents, grandparents, educators, staff members – we are one large family!

It is imperative that the voices of our community are heard and that we are making decisions with the full knowledge of how they will affect everyone.

If you are interested in joining or know of an individual who would like to join, please email Rana at

As an educational organization, our commitment to listening, learning, reflecting, and educating ourselves continues.