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Dear Explorations Campers and Parents,

With the beginning of camp just around the corner, we are sending to your attention “housekeeping details” for your further consideration.

Explorations Camp 2018 begins with Session 1 on Monday, July 2nd at 8:30 am, Session 2 on Monday, July 16th, at Loyola High School, 2477 West Broadway, corner of Sherbrooke Street West, in NDG, Montreal, H4B 1R2.

Drop Off

Explorations Camp supervised Drop­-Off will begin at 8:00 am at 2477 West Broadway entrance. (or the Gym entrance is 2465 West Broadway.) Campers will be greeted by Staff and Camp Assistants in yellow Explorations T­-shirts. They will assist your child or children from your car and take them directly into the building. We remind you that there will be no parking in the Drop-­Off Zone as we want to accommodate families as quickly as possible.

Junior Campers will be escorted to the gymnasium where they will be met by Junior Activity Leaders and their Camp Assistants.

Intermediate Campers will gather in the Gym where they will meet with their Period 1 Activity Leaders (signs will be posted for each Activity). Intermediate campers are asked to bring with them a print­out of their chosen activities (as confirmed by your completed Amilia Receipt of Registration). Please message us as soon as possible before camp starts if you cannot find this list of Activities.

Senior Campers will meet as per an itinerary to be provided daily. In most instances, they will meet at the McGill Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke Street.

Pick ­Up Campers will be dismissed from the West Broadway entrance at 4:00 pm. Written parental permission is required for any early dismissals (email A majority of Staff normally finishes their day at 4:15 pm. Any camper still waiting for pick­up after 4:15 will automatically be included in our Extended Care program at a rate of $4 per hour (see below for further details).

Extended Care

Extended Care is offered from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at a weekly charge of $40, or as needed, at a cost of $4 per hour. You can register and pre-­pay for this service by using our Online Registration service (available on our Registration Website). If you choose to use our Extended Care on a casual basis, you will be invoiced at the end of each Session. Pick up from extended care will be via Loyola’s West Broadway Street parking lot, behind which the children will be playing outdoors, or in the nearby gymnasium, should the weather be inclement.

Intermediate Schedule

The morning program starts at 8:30 am in the Gym and continues until 10:00. There will be a 15 minute supervised break from 10:00 to ­10:15 at the end of which Activity Leaders assemble their groups for the second morning activity from 10:15 to 11:45. Supervised lunch alternates with a supervised “group A” play session from 11:45 until 12:20 and for “group B” from 12:25 to 1:00. Activity Leaders will then assemble their groups in the Gym before the beginning of the afternoon activity from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.


Campers should bring lunch, as well as snacks, drinks, etc. for the morning and afternoon breaks. Campers are not permitted off campus during lunch unless supervised by parents. A catered lunch service will be available from Solly The Caterer. You are invited to download Solly’s menu and application form from our home page, or you can call Solly’s directly at 514-485-­8818.

Please be advised that we attempt to be a peanut-­free and nut-controlled environment. Please do NOT send snacks or lunches that contain nuts or peanuts.


Lost and Found

At the beginning of camp, we will notify you of our “lost and found” location. Please note that Explorations cannot be held responsible for valuable items that campers may choose to bring to camp including computer games, electronics, handheld devices, etc..

Absence or Late Arrival

If your child is going to be late or absent for all or even part of the day, please email us at Campers who arrive late are asked to report to the Explorations Camp Office before joining their scheduled activity group.

Our Camp Office

For security reasons, parents wishing to visit during camp hours are asked to check in at our Explorations Camp Office, just inside the West Broadway Street entrance. Campers, staff, and visitors are asked to use only the West Broadway Street entrance to enter and exit the building after camp has commenced.

Health and Medication Information

Please advise the camp of any health issues or concerns. Any medication that you wish to have on hand in our camp office should be accompanied with your signed permission. Epipens should be transported in a pouch or plastic baggie and carried by the camper. Only Administrators or group Leaders will administer medications. Parents should not allow their children to bring medications to school without signed permission.

Field Trips

You were asked to indicate field trip permission during the registration process (for trips within the vicinity of Loyola High School). Permission for other special activities or trips will be requested. Information regarding the destination and purpose of the trip will be provided in advance. Campers are asked to bring an Opus card (MTC bus pass) or sufficient cash for field trips requiring public transportation.

Bi­-monthly Newsletters, Twitter and Facebook

You will be receiving an emailed newsletter every two weeks offering highlights of activities and programs from the previous weeks. Please be advised that our two open houses will take place the afternoon of the second Friday of each session – details to follow. You are invited to follow us on our Explorations Facebook page.

Please note that we will be posting photos of our many exciting activities and special events throughout the four weeks of camp. If for any reason, you wish that your child’s photo not be included in our social media transmissions, newsletter or web pages, please advise the Explorations office in writing. It is, of course, the policy of Explorations to not use full names nor provide any information that might identify your child to the outside world. That being said, social media, including group photos, when used appropriately and as inclusively as possible, provide the opportunity for children to share with their families and friends, highlights of exciting and engaging moments that they are experiencing daily.

So there you have it. I am looking forward to seeing you all, beginning July 2, and yes I will be one of the many, standing on the sidewalk, greeting you and your children, as we begin another amazing summer at Explorations Camp.

James A. Officer,

Explorations Camp Director