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The advantages of education are so obvious that we often discount the negative view of that many children have regarding their own educational experiences. For these students,  schools are not the engaging place we hope for but rather they represent a world of rigid lines and tight schedules. Many feel inadequate as they realize that their strengths do not align with the skills required to complete prescribed work. They may feel hindered by the lack of time or necessary resources needed to follow their personal line of questioning. Eventually, they become disconnected to the wonders that surround them as they see them only as more facts to memorize.

That being said, there are many wonderful educators who are working hard to overcome these challenges. They create learning experiences that are filled with wonder and fun. They work tirelessly to ensure that no child is forgotten and that all students have opportunities to be successful and feel accomplished. However these inspired teachers also often feel the pressures of a system which makes it difficult for them to be the educators they were meant to be.

At Explorations, we create meaningful learning experiences for children and teenagers allowing them to break past traditional limits and constraints, to discover passions and talents, and to realize their potential. Although this may seem to be a lofty goal, our path to success can be broken into three important parts.

First, we empower educators by allowing them to design their own curriculum and by providing them with necessary resources to create exciting and engaging environments. There is nothing more wonderful than a dedicated educator guiding children in a subject that they are passionate about. By allowing our Activities Leaders to create and design their unique interest-based activities, authentic learning with passion follows.

Second, we create varied learning experiences by offering a multitude of Activities for children to choose from. By creating these diverse and even eclectic possibilities, we encourage children and adolescents to try new things, to discover new fields of interests and to make deeper connections, all without the constraints of a traditional educational approach.

Finally, we set no limits on learning. It is our core belief that learners should never be held back but rather encouraged to follow their questions and to seek answers. Just as we empower our educators by removing them from the constraints of their system, we aim to allow children to break away from traditional learning and to seek new heights through challenges and questioning.

The word explorations can be defined as the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

The word explorations can be defined as the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. At Explorations, we bring motivated educators and curious children together to discover new worlds, to empower new leaders and to make learning fun. A child’s potential is limitless, we seek to unlock it.