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Explorations Camp is happy to announce that for a second year we are partnering with The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) to offer our campers an exciting, educational opportunity. The Canadian Wildlife Federation believes in conserving Canada’s wildlife and encourages the wise use of our natural resources. They believe in living sustainably for future generations and that Canadians should be able to enjoy the outdoors for all it has to offer through gardening, hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping, bird watching, swimming, wildlife photography, and so much more.

This summer, Explorations Camp will host one of their gigantic floor maps. This giant map is 35′ by 26′ and shows the migratory paths of endangered Canadian animals across North America. Our campers will have the opportunity to discover many different animals and the incredible journeys they undertake.

When the CWF’s map visited Explorations Camp last year, the children were captivated by tracing the different routes of migratory animals throughout North America. Because of the map’s immensity and durability, the campers were encouraged to walk and explore while learning about geography, climate and migrations. A CWF team member was present to lead various activities, “pushing” the children to think about the complex, yet delicate systems, that define our environment.

To learn more about the CWF, visit their website