Young Leader Program

Explorations endeavours to create rich learning experiences that create help young learners grow and develop new skills.
The Explorations Young Leader Program (formerly Camp Assistant Program) was developed to provide youth between the ages of 15-17 professional, organizational and leadership skills through hands-on experience and mentorship.
Young Leaders are provided with real experiences such as job interviews, training programs, evaluation and feedback through their roles at Explorations Summer Camp. New in 2020, each Young Leader will be paired with an experienced mentor (Certified teacher, expert educator or administrator) who will provide them with the structure and feedback they require to thrive.


Applications are now closed for the Summer of 2020. Check back next year to join us in 2021!

Young Leaders are encouraged to play a role in daily camp procedures and activities. They are on hand to welcome Explorations families and help integrate new campers into the programs. They also assist our Leaders during activities, field trips and transitions.
Young Leaders will attend various training sessions such as First Aid, Financial Literacy, CV development, and Counsellor Safety. They will receive weekly feedback from their mentors, a complete evaluation at the end of the summer, and may request a letter of recommendation from Explorations and their mentor.
As part of Explorations’ goal of providing an enriched and engaging experience for our Young Leaders, we offer a small weekly honorarium for the program participants. First-year participants receive $100 a week; second-year participants receive $150. Alumni of the program who wish to return to Explorations are encouraged to apply for our other summer job opportunities.

Our Young Leader Program is developed as a 4-week program and applicants who are available for the full duration will be prioritized.
To apply, please complete the following form. Your CV and a cover letter are required.
The selection process will take place in early April. Interviews will be held at the Explorations Learning Lab located at 6591 Somerled in NDG. For the summer of 2020, Explorations will be selecting 8 to 10 Young Leaders.
If you have any questions or require clarification, please contact