Junior Program

Fun, Enriching Activities for Young Learners

A World to Discover

The Explorations Junior Program provides the structure and caring environment necessary for young learners to flourish as they discover the wonders of our world (and space!). Each group is led by an Explorations Activity Leader who designs engaging lessons and projects that provide authentic learning experiences for the children.
Throughout the day, Junior Campers will participate in a variety of activities ranging from robotics to art, from coding to drama. These challenging yet fun activities are designed to promote inquiry and curiosity while developing children’s social and emotional skills. Junior groups will also have daily sessions with the Music, Science and PhysEd specialists.
Each Junior group also has a theme which they will explore through projects and active learning. The exception to this is our Explorer Program. Eldest among the Juniors, these campers will visit a variety of specialists throughout the day to discover new topics and skills.

What's in a day?

Our team of Junior Activity Leaders consists of certified teachers and educators, most of whom have over a decade of teaching experience at the Elementary level. All of our Junior programming is created with the needs of the children in mind. We believe in a holistic approach to child development and as such encourage our groups to participate in active learning sessions, while also incorporating plenty of play and social activities.

Junior Themes

Story Book STEAM

At Explorations this summer, we will experiment, tinker, build, observe, explore, and problem solve. Using our imaginations plus a few simple supplies, we will put our creative juices to work. Picture books will set the stage for challenges while enhancing our background knowledge. You will be provided with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) materials as we work together to build, tinker, engineer, and do all kinds of science experiments.

Montreal Then and Now

Come as we embark on an adventure to discover the history of Montreal. Together, we will explore cour city’s unique identity, culture, and rich stories. Join us as we travel through time to celebrate the past and present. Through music, storytelling, field trip outings, and numerous art projects, students will be engaged in a fun and creative learning environment while gaining new insight and appreciation of this wonderful city!

Traveling to Outer Space

Blast off as as we build our own  rockets and learn about the design process. As astronauts, we will travel to outer space and discover our own solar system and galaxy as we learn about planets, stars, asteroids, comets and more. Through hands-on building projects and incredible science experiments, we will seek to discover the wonders of space.

Calling all Explorers!

New for 2020 is the Explorations Explorer Program. Designed to provide an energizing segue into the Intermediate Program, this unique learning experience brings new topics to our Junior Program. Unlike the other Junior groups, Explorer groups are led by a senior Explorations counsellor who supervises and facilitates their daily visits to a variety of Intermediate Activity Leaders. A schedule can include robotics, music, physical education, art, media, science, debate, and much more.


Meet the Team

Explorations Junior Team works together to create engaging project and authentic learning experiences that help our youngest learners reach new heights and discover new interests. Our Activity Leaders also coordinate with the PhysEd, Music, and Science specialists to create diversified experiences for all.

Kristeen Carson

Kristeen has been a grade 7 and 8 math teacher at Lakeside Academy for the last 15 years. She started at Explorations Camp 12 years ago. She always loved spending her summertime with Junior campers. This camp’s brilliant little campers are what bring her back every year.

Robyn Irving

Robyn is an elementary school teacher from the New Frontiers School board and has been teaching since 2008. She has been with Explorations Camp for many years, teaching the kindergarten/ grade 1 groups where she creates a nurturing environment filled with learning and fun. Robyn is also a mom of 4 children.

Kim Skovhoj

Kimberly has been a part of the Explorations team since 2017. She has led activities such as Exploring Montreal and Discovering the First Nations of Canada. Kimberly has a BA from McGill University and BEd from Queen’s University in Ontario. She currently teaches French at The Priory School to students in grade 3 and 4. Kimberly enjoys skiing, yoga, traveling and spending time with her family.

Laura Turcotte

Laura joined the Explorations team in 2017 as an Activity Leader in the Junior Program. Having graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Leisure Studies, Laura brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to all her projects. During the year, Laura works at Lakeside Academy High School.

Tracey Blonder

Tracey joined the Explorations team in 2008 as part of the Junior team. During the year,  she works at St Willibrord Elementary as a classroom teacher. Each summer, Tracey brings fresh new projects and ideas to her junior groups through exciting challenges and innovative resources.

Jane Crutchfield

Jane has been part of the Explorations Team since 2011. She has taught the Junior Physical Education program along with being the Camp Assistant Coordinator. Her full time job is at Beaconsfield High School where she teaches Physical Education, Dance and Creative Movement. She is an experienced teacher with 32 years of experience under her belt.

Kathleen Walshe

Kathleen is the junior music specialist and an Activity Leader in the Intermediate Program. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in music from McGill University as well as a B.Ed from the University of Ottawa. Kathleen has been part of Explorations for over 16 years and continues to offer fun musical programming for our young learners.

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