English Integration Program


At Explorations, we strive to offer our campers rich, immersive experiences in a broad range of topics. From exciting science experiments to beautiful art creation, a day at Explorations is filled with all kinds of amazing projects and challenges. This year, we are offering a brand new learning opportunity to our campers who are seeking to improve their language skills: The Explorations Integration Program.

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What's in a day?

The English Integration Program is designed for Campers with limited English skills. This program creates hands-on learning experiences for children who are entering Grade 4 to Grade 9. Their day begins at 8:30 with an English Second Language (ESL) Activity led by a certified instructor. From 10:15 am to 11:45 am, they join our regular Intermediate Activities, where they are given the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills and vocabulary with other children. In the afternoon, they take part in a 3 hour activity where they are exposed to various topics such as Engineering, Video Production, Chemistry and much more.

Why Join the Program?


  • You will have the opportunity to learn English with peers who are at the same level as you.
  • You will take part in Activities that are usually only available to our Intermediate and Senior Campers.
  • Your instructor will be a certified ESL teacher who will guide you through your learning.
  • You will get real English Experience as you complete fun, challenging projects.

Frequently Asked Questions