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Learning is a lifelong endeavour.

For 40 years, Explorations has been building a community centred around one common goal: learning. This year, we are pleased to announce a new way to learn with us: Forever Learners.

The Forever Learners program was created for adults who are passionate about lifelong enrichment. Learners will have the opportunity to further their knowledge in a variety of subjects, from Street Art History to Rocket Science.

Explorations’ new Forever Learners program offers adult learners the opportunity to engage with a community of like-minded souls. Each workshop is designed and taught by motivated teachers or industry professionals.

True to our Principles of Learning, we offer diverse programming that empower our Forever Learners to think creatively, critically and collaboratively.


To ensure the safety of our Forever Learners and educators, this year we will be hosting our courses and talks virtually on Zoom.

Diverse Learning Experiences

Explorations believes that each learner presents a unique learning profile. We have created two types of virtual community building programs in order to best serve our Forever Learners.

    • Virtual Courses: In our ten-week courses, our Forever Learners are guided through a specific subject. With their educator, they will dive into the theoretical and practical aspect of the said subject. 
    • Virtual Talks: Our talks are for those interested in discovering a variety of subjects. Each talk will be a lead by an industry professional, where they share their experiences and knowledge. An open Q&A Session will be hosted at the end of each talk. Each week there will be a different speaker.

Need Some Help Getting Connected?

Connected Canadians is here to help!

Explorations is proud to partner with Connected Canadians, a federally incorporated non-profit organization that promotes digital literacy amongst Canadian seniors by providing free technology training and support. Connected Canadians uses a customized, hands-on centred approach to learning.

For help with Zoom, Webex or other tools, or to learn more about how to use technology to connect to virtual programs like online learning events, support programs and social programs, sign up for help at or leave a message at 1-877-304-5813 (toll free).

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